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Muscle Spine With Disorders with Stand

Muscle Spine With Disorders with Stand

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Spinal Curvatures are color-coded. Includes occipital bone and cerebellum, circle of Willis, vertebral artery, spinal nerves with sciatic nerve, right brachial plexus, and 1st and 2nd ribs, sacroiliac ligaments and several muscles including: subocciptal triangle, longus capitis, scalene muscles, psoas major and minor, iliacus, gluteus medius and minimus, piriformis and gemellus. The following disorders are shown: bone spurs on L5; herniated disc between L4 & L5; and L1, L2 and L3 divide to show compression fractures, osteoporosis, bone tumor, and osteoarthritis of the hip. Stand included. Size: 34".


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