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Medibeads Moist Heating Pads - King Wrap

Medibeads Moist Heating Pads - King Wrap

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Medibeads Moist Heating Pads - King Wrap

Soothing comfort when and where you need it!

MediBeads moist heat pad is sized just right and is easy to use over and over again to bring much needed relief to neck, shoulder and back pain. Medibeads Heat Packs are a popular choice by healthcare professionals in Canada. This easy-care microwave heating pad is washable, odor-free and will not allow bacteria to grow. Simply heat it and the MediBeads will deliver moist heat that penetrates deeply to sooth your tense and painful areas. It’s no wonder a patent is pending on this innovative heat packs solution, get yours today!

Product Details:

  • Great for legs,upper back,or abdominal area
  • Microwavable
  • Washable, Odor-Free, Dust-Free
  • Great for lying in bed or sitting in a chair.
  • Does not support bacteria/fungal growth

Sizing/Additional Information:

  • King Wrap Moist Heating Pad is 12" x 16"
  • 30 days manufacturer warranty
  • Money back guarantee

*Choice of packaging: Clamshell (shaped plastic container) or Poly Bag (plastic bag)


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