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Gateway Rollator - Titanium

Gateway Rollator - Titanium

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Euro Style Rollator Walker, Folding, Compact, Lightweight Aluminum
This sleek, stylish rollator will help increase your mobility and independence. The larger-size wheels glide easily over most surfaces without catching on bumps or cracks. The comfortable seat is there any time you need to rest. The large storage tote, with a comfortable shoulder strap, is perfect for groceries, shopping and personal items.

To use: Push the rollator slightly ahead of you. Step into it one foot
at a time. Repeat this pattern, and make sure the rollator is never too far in front of you. This rollator is easy to assemble and you won’t need any tools!

Most Compact Rollator Walker Ever!
Ultra-lightweight at just 17 pounds, this best-selling, European-style rollator lets you get around easily and fashionably. It’s easy to fold and light to lift. Due to the compact design, it folds to only 25 inches x 16.5 inches x 11.25 inches. Yet it’s sturdy and well constructed enough to support 300 pounds. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or country, you’ll find it easy to get around.

How to Properly Fit Your Rollator Walker
Wearing your shoes, naturally stand upright inside the rollator. Put your arms to your side with a natural bend at the elbow. Have someone measure the distance from your wrist joint to the floor. This is the height your rollator should be set at. Place your hands on the grips. Your elbows should comfortably bend at a 15-degree angle.

• Lightweight, fun, fashionable Euro rollator
• Compact design weighs only 17 pounds
• Stores easily when traveling; folds to only 25 x 16.5 x 11.25 inches
• Oversized wheels travel well over most surfaces
• Comfortable mesh seat with padded backrest
• Includes convenient cane holder and large storage tote with shoulder strap
• Packaging is 25 percent smaller than leading brands for easy storage
• Adjustable handle height: 31 to 36 inches in one-inch increments
• Distance between handles: 18 inches
• Front wheel size: 8 inches; Rear wheel size: 7 inches
• Seat size: 18 x 10 inches; Seat height: 21 inches
• Dimensions when assembled at maximum height: 22.5 x 12.5 x 36 inches
• Easy assembly with no tools
• Weight capacity: 300 pounds


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