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FootFlexor® Ankle Foot Orthosis

FootFlexor® Ankle Foot Orthosis

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ootFlexor® Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is the ultimate mobility solution for individuals with foot drop or similar conditions requiring dorsal flexion support and/or assistance.

An independent research firm, ORC International, recently discovered that 99% of US adults with a paralyzing condition known as foot drop (or drop foot), do not wear a brace that would help them walk normally. One typical treatment for foot drop and similar conditions includes wearing a semi-rigid or rigid Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO). Unfortunately, most current designs are cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear.

Introducing FootFlexor, the first functional AND comfortable AFO that allows an affected foot to perform naturally while walking. Use to help improve gait, increase confidence in walking ability, and help reduce the incidence of falls. Designed to work with most lace-up shoes and boots, this AFO is comfortable to wear, increasing compliance for those who require dorsal flexion support and/or assistance. Package includes FootFlexor wrap, eyelet clips, and a tension cord to help lift the toe during gait. Made in the USA of imported materials.

  • The ultimate mobility solution for foot drop
  • Closure System: Hook and Loop
  • Ideal For: Drop Foot
  • Allows foot to perform naturally as you walk
  • Lifts the toe immediately after initial swing of gait cycle
  • Allows foot to perform naturally as you walk
  • Lifts the toe immediately after initial gait swing


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