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Etac Clean HA

Etac Clean HA

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Clean height adjustable is our latest addition to the Clean family. The height can be adjusted to fit perfectly over the toilet, or to simplify transfers. Every detail of the chair is designed to make it functional, safe and easy to use for both users and carers.
Easy transfers
The armrests are removable and can be swung sideways for easy side transfers. The footplate can easily be pushed in under the seat which simplifies both side and front transfers.

Safe and comfortable
Since the footplate always stays on the chair, the user will never risk being seated without feet support. For extra comfort and safety there are several accessories available.

Easy height adjustment
The seat height of Clean is adjustable between 47.5–60 cm (18¾"–23½"), in 2.5 cm (1") increments. The height is easily adjusted by hand without the need for any tools.

Easy to handle
Clean is easy to handle and turns in narrow spaces. The seat design gives good accessibility and facilitates the intimate hygiene. Furthermore, Clean height adjustable will fit over most toilets, both wall and floor mounted, regardless of the height.


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