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Etac® Clean 55 Comfort

Etac® Clean 55 Comfort

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Some users find it cold to take showers. The water repellent and heat reflective comfort padding helps users to stay warm, while the armrest pads offers warm, soft support - but still makes it easy to stand up.

Clean Comfort’s Comfort seat is the softest seat in the range. The contoured shape provides soft support and reduces the risk of sliding out of the chair, while water is effectively drained off the seat. Should even more support be needed to achive an upright and comfortable seating a trunk support is available as an accessory. To enable the user to sit upright and stable in the chair shortens the toilet visits

Warm and dry on every use
The comfort cover repels water and is easy to wipe clean. This gives all users the same pleasant experience every time they use it.

A soft and recessed seat
Clean Comfort’s Comfort seat is Etac Clean’s softest comfort seat. The contoured shape allows the user to sit further back in the chair and reduces the risk of sliding off, while water is effectively drained off the seat.

Integrity in exposed situations
Clean Comfort is designed to increase the feeling of privacy and dignity. The comfort cover protects and hides the user without reducing accessibility for the carers.

Soft and supportive when standing up
The armrests provide warm, soft support for the ­forearms while still allowing a firm grip when ­standing up.

Seat width: 19.75"
Width between armrests: 16"
Capacity 285 lb


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