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Dental X-ray Film Holder Dental Lab Phosphor Plates X-Ray Film Holder Positioner

Dental X-ray Film Holder Dental Lab Phosphor Plates X-Ray Film Holder Positioner

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1. Assemble instrument. Be sure the bite-block is centered in aiming ring.
2. Place appropriate size film in instrument with imprinted side of film away form x-ray tube head.
- White toward light, place plain or white side of film toward x-ray tube head.
- Do not bend back the bite block when inserting the film.
3. Position instrument in patients mouth as posterior as possible, away from the teeth and in the mid-palatinal or mid-tongual area. Center film on the teeth to be radiographed.
-Lean and tip - lean the chair back just a little and/or tip the patients chin up to facilitate placement of the FPS instrument into the center of the patients mouth. For exposure, the occlusal surface should be parallel to the ground.
- For bitewing exposures, the patient should be biting on the same arch as the teeth being
radiographed. When assembled correctly,the bitewing instrument should hold the lm with the plain side facing the bite-blocks bite surface and the x-ray tubehead.
- For endo, place the instrument over the tooth, les and clamps, resting on the adjacent teeth. If using a rubber dam, release the top or bottom of the dam from the frame. he dam and frame do not need to be removed.
4. Instruct patient to close slowly and bite. A cotton roll can be placed between the bite block and the opposite teeth for added comfort and stability.
- Gentle; breath - ask the patient to gent bite down and then take several breaths; it gives them something to concentrate on other than the radiograph procedure.
5. Position tubehead parallel to indicator arm and centered on aiming ring.
6. Make exposure.
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