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Dental Teeth Shade Matching Light With Hand-held LED

Dental Teeth Shade Matching Light With Hand-held LED

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1. Efficient shade-taking without having the patient left dental chair;
2. Daylight mode for initial shade determination;
3. Room light and ambient light modes to verify shade.

1. 3 light settings for shade taking and color analysis
2. Portability
3. Easy to use
4. L.E.D.Light source with soft light feature
5. Three lightting conditions from one source
6. Standardizes lighting conditions between multiple locations
7. Controlled viewing area
8. Neutralizing color tabs included
9. Battery operated
10. L.E.D.provides full power instantly
11. Voltage Regulator
5500° K
Room Light
3200° K
Ambient Light
3900° K
Light output
Consistent for 3 color
Color rendering index
Approximate size
7'' x 2'
Battery life
Approximately 6 hours


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