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Dental Jet Polisher Air Flow Polishing Nozzle System Dental Oral Cleaning Equipment

Dental Jet Polisher Air Flow Polishing Nozzle System Dental Oral Cleaning Equipment

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Note: This sandblasting gun does not have a coupler and needs to be purchased separately!
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Features & Benefits Simple and flexible for a variety of clinical applications. After you use our air polisher , you will find it is the most frequently used device of your work .
1. Clear staining and plaque Remove food coloring, such as tea dirty , coffee dirty , Remove tobacco stains Remove biological membrane Effectively prevent gingivitis , periodontitis, dental caries . 2. During the pit and fissure sealing treatment Clean teeth crack before sealing Significantly reduce the risk of your patients suffer from dental caries 3. Apply to orthodontics . Clean bracket Preparation of the tooth surface before bonding Remove adhesive residues Get better treatment , make patients more satisfied . 4. Apply to dental restorations. Thoroughly clean the tooth surface which repaired and improve the adhesion force of synthesis repair materials , the adhesion of ceramic inlays and the adhesion between veneers and enamel for better adhesion Effectively extend the life of the composite / ceramic restorations . 5. Apply to the color of the denture matching Clean the healthy teeth , making the colors be more similar to bridge , crown , inlays and inlays . Simple and perfect color match 6. Apply to dental aesthetics . Clean the teeth before bleaching , to get natural tooth color / color tone's accurate measurement data . Preparation of the dentine before bleaching , in order to ensure the best results of bleach, make bleach achieving the best result of whitening , Performance characteristics: - Tungsten steel nozzle can rotate 360° - Precise and reliable sandblasting flow, finger press control - The whole machine can be autoclaved - Not easy to block - Low pressure conditions can also be used (Lowest 45psi can be used) - Increases adhesion to 400%


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