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Cloo Fixed Raised Toilet Seat

Cloo Fixed Raised Toilet Seat

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Cloo is an adjustable toilet seat raiser which combines flexibility and simplicity. It has a discreet and soft design to blend in with your bathroom interior. To make your choice simple, Cloo is only available in two different models, with or without armrest. However both models can be adjusted to different heights and with an angled seat. Cloo is simply a modern, safe and hygienic toilet seat raiser.

Easy to clean
Cloo has soft plain surfaces, which makes it easier to clean. The seat can easily be detached when cleaning.

Easy to mount
Cloo consists of an attachment and a seat. The attachment is easy to mount on the porcelain using quick-release nuts. Then the seat simply clicks into the attachment. No tools are required.

Adjusting the height
The height is adjusted by changing the height adjusters. It can be set to a height of 6, 10 or 14 cm.

Stays in upright position
Cloo is the first adjustable toilet seat raiser which stays in the upright position.

Forward angle
Cloo can mounted with a slight forward angled, making it easier for the user to stand up.

Total width: 15.75”
Seat width: 15.75”
Capacity: 330 lb


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