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Back-n-Black with Dual Panels - Lumbar Support

Back-n-Black with Dual Panels - Lumbar Support

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The patented design features of the Back N Black™ with Dual Panels provide your patients with the support and comfort they need in the treatment of lumbar spine related disorders.

Chronic or Acute Low Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Lumbar Muscle Strains, Lumbar Ligamentous Sprains, Post Operative Lumbar Stabilization, Postural Support

Rigid Anterior and Posterior Panels
The rigid anterior and posterior panels work in concert with the inelastic nylon strapping system to increase the intra-abdominal pressure, thereby decreasing the load on the intervertebral discs and surrounding musculoskeletal structures of the lumbar spine. Both panels may be heated and remolded to provide a custom fit.

Nylon Strapping System
The hand closure strap on the nylon strapping system allows for ease of application and tightening to create the desired level of compression.

Breathable Elastic Panels
The breathable elastic panels on the interior offer adjustability in fitting various abdominal shapes and enhance patient compliance.


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