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Women's ComfiHips Hip Protector

Women's ComfiHips Hip Protector

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Designed to be the most comfortable hip protector product on the market today!

Recommended For:

  • People with a high risk of falling
  • People taking medication that could impair their balance and vision
  • People with neurological challenges that could impair safe walking
  • Osteoporosis sufferers
  • Nursing home and assisted living residents
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • Patients with balance issues
  • Any senior citizen seeking security and peace of mind

Around The Clock Comfort

You can wear ComfiHips all the time, day or night. The pads are amazingly lightweight - each pad actually weighs less than 25 potato chips - and they fit easily into concealed interior pockets of our specially designed, ultra-soft undergarments. It's hard for anyone to know you are wearing our low profile ComfiHips, yet wearing them will decrease your chance of injuries should you fall on your hip. ComfiHips are especially recommended for people who are prone to night time falls.

A Truly Comforming Fit

The secret is in "the curve". Many hip protectors on the market (the hard plastic kind) will guard the hips but are not comfortable for sleeping. They don't naturally conform to the body and some of them may even cause injuries when a fall occurs. ComfiHips are quite different! Users can sleep on their sides while wearing them and enjoy countless nights of serene, peaceful rest.

Effortless Compliance

The most difficult aspect of hip protection is convincing the user to wear hip protector products as often as possible. That's why ComfiHips are highly effective. In trials conducted with prototypes at several nursing facilities in Canada, patients agreed that ComfiHips were so comfortable that they often forgot that they were wearing them!

Highly Cost Effective

ComfiHips are competitively priced with the consumer's financial needs in mind. Each set contains 2 undergarments and 2 pads. Due to their high level of protection, ComfiHips can help to reduce unexpected injuries and costs associated with surgery, rehabilitative care and physical therapy.

Designed and Tested by the Experts

ComfiHips® were designed in conjuction with the Department of Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Florida, using the most advanced technological materials and testing methods. In clinical studies conducted at the University, approximately 20,000 Newtons (about 4,496 pound-force) were applied to the pads. The results proved that ComfiHips® pads were able to reduce impact to below the hip fracture threshold up to 87.2% for most lateral falls.

Size Item # Waist Size
Waist Size
Small CH-WS 22" - 26" 56 - 66
Medium CH-WM 26" - 30" 66 - 76
Large CH-WL 30" - 34" 76 - 86
X-Large CH-WXL 34" - 38" 86 - 96
XX-Large CH-WXXL 38" - 44" 96 - 112
XXX-Large CH-WXXXL 44" - 50" 112 - 127


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