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Tooth Whitening Light System Instrument Professional Gel 35% For Remove Plaque Dental Tartar Calculus Plaque Remover

Tooth Whitening Light System Instrument Professional Gel 35% For Remove Plaque Dental Tartar Calculus Plaque Remover

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Teeth Whitening Gel Whitener Teeth
Whitening agent
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Instructions Manual for Use

1.Compare your teeth color-Useashade guide to compare the color of teethand makea mark.
2.Cleaning and Polishing-clean patient's teeth using a finger brush or proph-ylaxis with pumice.
3.Preparation-Apply Vitamin Eoil or Vaseline to moisturize the lips. Place thecheek retractorand insert cotton rolls (if necessary) in the vestibules to preventthe lips in contact with the teeth.
4.Input the cotton roll -Use a tweezersto input the cotton roll to stop saliva.
5.Application of Gingival Barrier-Air dry the teethsurfaces .Apply gingival bar-rier onto the gum line with thesyringe and application tip provided,ensuring tocoverany exposed root surfacesand dentin. Extend the coverage to 0.3-0.5mmfrom the gingival onto the teeth surface.
6. Curing of Gingival Barrier-Place the Innowhite light unit in front of thepatient's teeth to cure for 3 to 4 minutes.
7.Application of the Whitening Gel - Take off the cap from whitening gelsyringe and attach the tip to the syringe . Apply the gel onto the teeth usingthe brush tip to evenlyspread the gel on the teeth surfaceswhichneed to bewhitened The gels are to be used forup to 3 applications,apply in accordingto the dosage indicator.
8.Curing of the Whitening Gel (1st cycle) - posithtn trie in fo 15meinutes . you front of the patient's teeth and turn on the light curing for 15 minutes.
9.Additional Applications (2nd and 3rd cycle)- remove the residual gel formthe teeth surfaces. Repeat steps 8 and9 above for 2nd and 3rd applications.
10.Cleaning and apply desensitizing gel-After thefinal application, remove theresidual gels from the teeth surfaces and rinse thoroughly.Remove the gingival ,barrier by liting gently from one end using an explorer .and then apply the des-ensitizing gel to the teeth and gum to reduce sensitivity.The gel is ingestibleandrinsing is not required.
11.Compare the color-Use the shade guide to compare before and after thetreatment.


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