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Material science collides with innovation to create high-tech functional comfort in a lightweight design. The flexibility of the magnesium frame allows for an intimate fit while the revolutionary nano MAG material provides strength to off-load and provide pain relief. OA Nano, for mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA), is designed for people to stay active and move freely, making patient compliance a reality.

Revolutionary in weight and profile, OA Nano? offers industry-leading high-tech comfort and pain relief, ensuring that patients will choose this safe, non-invasive treatment over other options.?Patients with knee osteoarthritis today have the opportunity to treat their pain and stabilize their knees with non-invasive, non-addictive treatment options. With the launch of OA Nano?, the world?s lightest* knee brace at 14.2 ounces, OA patients can take advantage of the same technology used by the world class athletes DonJoy is known for treating.

OA Nano is intended for mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

90 Day Test Drive

Braces that don?t fit properly can be uncomfortable to wear, slip out of place, or produce excessive pressure that can lead to skin problems and soreness. In many cases, the brace simply doesn?t provide pain relief. DonJoy?s custom and patient-ready OA braces accommodate most people and come with our no-risk Test Drive offer. Satisfaction guaranteed.


The Arthritis Foundation has honored DonJoy knee osteoarthritis braces with its coveted ?Ease-of-Use? Commendation after an independent research lab conducted rigorous testing to assure that they met the needs of people with functional limitations due to the effects of arthritis.

  • Unlimited Comfort?- Malleable magnesium frame allows cuff adjustment
  • Light as Air?- Material science collides with innovation to create the world's lightest OA knee brace
  • Stays in Place?- Contoured design enhances brace suspension for various levels of activity
  • Dependable Off-Loading?- New world material "nano MAGTM" (on the loading side) provides strength when offloading
  • Clincally Proven?- DonJoy's AdjusterTM?technology off-loads (mechanically shifts weight away from the damaged pare of the knee) a little - or a lot.

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11-1214-x OA Nano, Medial RT
11-1215-x OA Nano, Medial LT
11-1216-x OA Nano, Lateral RT
11-1217-x OA Nano, Lateral LT


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