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Multiglide Sling On - Small 80 x 100 cm

Multiglide Sling On - Small 80 x 100 cm

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Multiglide Sling On - Small 31.5 x 39" (80 x 100 cm)

Developed to facilitate the application of lift slings, for instance for heavy users, or when using a pressure relieving mattress and when the client cannot be placed on the side position. The Sling On consists of two Multiglide single sheets with handles along the sides and set together with buttons on the corners so that it doesn’t slip apart. The Multiglide sheets minimize friction in the application and removal from beneath the client. Max. user weight 660 lb.

Multi-purpose tool
Etac Sling On was originally developed just as the name implies, to support putting a lifting sling on when lying down in bed. Along the way, this has developed to a multi-purpose tool that facilitates most everyday manual handling situations.

A simple folding technique allows inserting and removing the sheets under the client without moving or rolling, which makes turning, positioning and applying the sling easier for both client and care giver.


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