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MultiGlide SG Tubular Slide Sheet 200x70 cm

MultiGlide SG Tubular Slide Sheet 200x70 cm

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Multiglide is a tube shaped glide sheet, made of nylon, where the inner friction is reduced to a minimum. It is used to assist with positioning and transferring. It allows easy multi-directional sliding of a patient which removes the need for the caregiver to physically lift the patient into position. Nylon model has low friction in both inner and outer surfaces, providing smooth movement.

Immedia MultiGlide SG tubular slide sheet is suitable for all types of situations when there is a necessity to minimize friction under pressure points. It is ultra low friction both inside and outside with the double layer minimising friction.

MultiGlide SG is easy to apply and remove, and should always to be removed after use. MultiGlide SG tubular slide sheet is available in several sizes. Immedia MultiGlide SG tubular has a black loop strap for easy storage and differentiation. Immedia MultiGlide SG should always be removed after use.

Size: 78 3/4 x 27.5" (200 x 70 cm)


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