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Molift Partner 255 Vertical Lifting Patient Lift Standard Base

Molift Partner 255 Vertical Lifting Patient Lift Standard Base

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The Molift Partner 255 provides a comfortable, secure and stable lift. This makes it the perfect solution for hospitals and care facilities. It has a high lifting capacity - 255 kg - and lifts from the floor up.

The Molift Partner 255 has a fixed suspension and a vertical lifting pattern which keeps the user at an equidistant length from the column during the entire lift. Together with the fixed suspension this creates a stable, secure and comfortable lift for the patient. The linear movement together with the 4-point suspension and the gliding loops on the Molift slings - provides comfortable and correct positioning.

Extremely maneuverable
Low weight and superior wheel positioning makes the Molift Partner 255 incredibly easy to maneuver. The lifter has a small footprint and the lowest weight for its category. In combination with the low chassis and electric leg positioning this means that the Molift Partner 255 can be used in most situations.

Flexible in use
All passive 4 point Molift slings can be used with the Molift Partner 255. Like all Molift passive patient lifts, Molift Partner 255 is delivered with automatic service notification and can be used with all passive Molift slings designed for 4-point suspension. The lifters are powered by environmentally friendly "green" batteries.


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