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LiteGait I - 500 Deluxe 34" Base

LiteGait I - 500 Deluxe 34" Base

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The LGI 500 Deluxe features 32" of powered lift that can quickly bring a patient up to 6'7" and 500 pounds from sitting in a wheelchair to a full standing position over a treadmill. The LG 500 provides postural stability and bio-mechanically appropriate posture.

Allows patients to learn coordination on a treadmill and then overground walking. The patient is kept in a comfortable, fall free environment, enabling both the patient and the therapist to concentrate on the therapy session earlier in the rehabilitation process. LiteGait helps to train posture, balance and the use of assistive devices. It also allows working on symmetry and weight shifting. LiteGait I has a battery operated lift that brings patients from a seated or supine position to an upright walking posture.


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