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E-Board 8 x 18'' - No Flap

E-Board 8 x 18'' - No Flap

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Etac E-Boards are suitable for sitting transfer between bed, wheelchair, toilet, toilet chair, car seat or many other seating situations. The transfer board is placed to bridge and level out the small gap between the seating positions.

The smooth top surface makes it easy and comfortable to slide across, while antislip stripes in the bottom surface prevents the board from sliding out of position.

Etac E-Boards are available in two different models and four different sizes, two longer boards with side flaps and two shorter boards.

The shorter boards (ERP9558-01 and ERP9558-02) are more suitable to support self-propelled transfer. These are light and compact and easy to bring along in the wheelchair, back-pack, etc. The shorter boards comes in one-piece, without flaps.

The longer boards (ERP9558-03 and ERP9558-04) with flaps are particularly suitable for transfer with care giver assistance. The flexible flaps on the long sides, bent up in the back and down in the front, facilitates placing the board in front of the wheels of the wheelchair and provides protection from the same whilst the front flap makes it more comfortable on the edge.

Made of strong polyethylene material. The smooth top allows easy sliding transfer, while the non-slip surface on the underside prevents the board from sliding out of position. Capacity 300 lb.


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