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Adjustable Compression Thigh Wrap

Adjustable Compression Thigh Wrap

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• Indicated for muscles strains (quad or femoral bicep).
• Alleviates pain by exerting a constant compression on the injured muscular fibers which in turn helps in the healing process.
• Strongly indicated for use during sport.
• Made with our exclusive AIRFLEX fabric. 100% cotton on the skin; it is breathable, hypo allergenic and neoprene free.


The purpose of this wrap is to insure a constant pressure on the quadriceps and the hamstrings following muscle strains to alleviate pain and to shorten the healing process. Different materials were used in its construction among which two in particular; the inside is made of soft cotton velour that is breathable and does not cause skin irritation and the outside is a special nylon that permits the Velcro to grip and stay fastened. The wrap can be perfectly adjusted. It comes with a inside pad that can be positioned in the exact place of injury. To ensure maximum comfort especially during extended use, this product was made with a breathable fabric.
The THIGH WRAP was made in accordance with the primary requirements set under the European Directive 93/42/EEC and with the Italian law (LD 24th February 1997, No. 46) introducing the same EU Directive.


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