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35000 RPM Micromotor Handpiece Dental Strong 90 Micromotor

35000 RPM Micromotor Handpiece Dental Strong 90 Micromotor

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1. Multipurpose Micromotor for laboratory, jewelry, industry
2. Good work for polishing, cutting, milling, trimming, grinding, casting moulds or materials and finishing surface
3. Dust seal protection for excellent durability
4. Simple and easy operation
5. Installed special ball bearings for super high speed ( less heat and noise)
6. Low noise, low vibration, smooth rotating

1: Basic Model, Compact Design Control Box
2: High Power and 0~35000 rpm
3: Non Stage System ( well designed to output from zero to 35000RPM by using non stage )
4: R.P.M.: Handpiece Max
5: Continuous Variable Speed Control
6: Tip Size: 2.35mm
7: On & Off Foot Switch
8: Safety Protecting Fuse
9: Forward & Reverse Turning Ability
10. Available Voltage for worldwide users: 220v/50Hz+-10%


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