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2Move Board Foldable 50 x 180 cm

2Move Board Foldable 50 x 180 cm

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Specially designed for horizontal transfer. Immedia 2Move transfer board is used to bridge the gap and even out the height difference between two horizontal surfaces. It is used for horizontal transfer between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, stretcher to bed, etc. It is simple to transport and store.

• Bridges the gap when transferring between two supine positions
• Transfer between beds
• Transfer between bed and shower trolley
• Transfer between bed and stretcher, x-ray table, operating table

Using the 2 Move transfer board, friction is minimized and strain on the personnel is reduced. Can be folded for storage. Size: 19.5 x 71”. Capacity 330 lb.

2Move sliding board for lying transfer
Manual transfer between beds is a difficult and heavy task. Size, weight and the patients capabilities affects the possibility for manual transfer. Also, the lying position means several pressure and friction points which further limits the possibility for a secure transfer. It is furthermore difficult for the care giver to get close enough to reach and to get into an ergonomic position. The gap between the beds and differences in height affects the possibility for a smooth and safe transfer for both the care giver and the patient.

Etac 2Move Transfer Board creates a bridge over the gap and supports levelling out height difference between the transfer positions, whether bed to bed, bed to operating table, x-ray table, etc.

2Move board is used together with a supplementing low-friction cover, that slides around the board, and allows the board to follow along under the patient and facilitates transfer. 2Move transfer board ensures a gentle, smooth and secure transfer all the way, for both the patient and the care giver.

Always use in combination with a low friction cover. Please see related items tab.


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