Wellmart is a trusted and reliable clinical supplier of choice in Canada. Our company was started by a group of health professionals committed to providing excellent products and services to our patients. Our company, which is 100% Canadian was formed in Ontario, Canada.

As a trusted clinical supplier, Wellmart has been supplying to clinics and individuals for a number of years. Our company aims at giving customers the convenience they need when purchasing clinical supplies, enabling clients to acquire the drugs and other supplies from the convenience of their homes regardless of the time of day or night or even season.

Wellmart is an innovator, continuously introducing useful products and constantly improving our customers’ experience. Our company has retooled proven therapeutic products by making size and material changes and improving shaping and updating packing products with modern and appealing looks.

Wellmart aspires to become the largest online supplier of health related products in Canada while maintaining brand value, bringing high quality, and providing products which satisfy the customer needs and improves their health and wellness.

What makes Wellmart unique and stand out from the rest:

Simplification of clinical supplies: With online purchases and services, Wellmart is making it easy for customers to acquire the clinical supplies they need from the convenience of their houses. Regardless of whether it is at night, the holiday season or such other time when the local stores are closed, customers who need clinical supplies will get what they need without any hassle.

We source the products for you: Getting some clinical products can be challenging especially if they are not common or are not available in local stores. Wellmart makes it easy to access what you need when you want it.
Excellent customer support: We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated customer support people who are ready to assist you to acquire the clinical supplies you need. They will promptly answer your queries, solve complaints and provide the required assistance in a reasonably short period. Our company aims at making our customers happy, providing solutions that will lead to improved health and wellness.

Variety of products: For all your clinical supplies needs you can trust Wellmart to provide them with the convenience of time and place. Our company stocks a variety of products giving shoppers great options; from drugs, to supplements, heating pads, foam rollers, braces, and physio equipment, among others.

You are invited to shop with Wellmart, a clinical supplier who is reliable, trusted and affordable.

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